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We adopt
‘Candidate Sourcing’ by...
  • Digital friendly
    Our recruitment consultants build strong relationships with our candidates through multiple channels, which enables us to truly understand their skills and motivation.
  • Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Solutions
    We offer the solutions including executive search and selection, in which, we give thanks to BBI (Behavioural-based Interview) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), that will help you recruit and retain industry leaders to drive your company towards success.
  • Referrals
    All our consultants are effective communicators and have wide personal networks. They are expert at building strong relationships with people and encourage their contacts to refer candidates to us. This is a key part of recruitment process and help us to extend our reach.
  • Social Recruiting
    New technologies allow us to connect instantly with potential candidates and build strong relationships with them. We also use instant messaging, discussion forums and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to identify and select "job-ready" candidates.
‘Candidate Verification’
  • Behavioural-based interviewing (BBI)
    Behavioural-based interviewing (BBI) is a technique that allows recruiters to assess whether or not a candidate is suitable for a particular role. Interviewers must first establish the skills and qualities required for the position. They will then ask candidates detailed questions about how they handled real life situations in the past.
  • Reference check from previous employers
    Checking references is a vital part of the recruitment process. Previous employers are one of the most accurate sources of information about a candidate and offer a valuable insight into their past experience. At Six People Map, we carry out rigorous checks on all our candidates to ensure they are fully vetted.
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